Sunday, May 31, 2015

Recovery in the Bible (RIB)


For me, GOD, revealed Himself when I came to the end of my rope. Until then, it had been impossible for my human eyes to see Him, but when I was hopeless and cried out, He explained Himself to me in ways my heart could apprehend. Today I am grateful that my eyes are not merely human anymore... He has given me a whole new set of senses -- spiritual senses -- and has replaced my human heart with a whole new mainspring: His Holy Spirit. Truly, it is rebirth! I now seek and find with trust and with hope in Him that is confident. No matter how broken everything looks as the world spirals downward, I  believe Him Who says that all will be well in the end. And so my earthly walk has gone from worldly to spiritual, and I am relying on New Senses to hear Him and heed Him and follow Him. It has changed everything for me. Simply put, I have passed from believing "in Him" to this: I believe Him!

Anybody? Chime in please!

This image was recently posted on Facebook by Pete Scanlon.

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