Sunday, May 3, 2015

Recovery in the Bible (RIB)


God seems to have used the rooms of recovery to reveal for me the huge difference between sharing in church basements and sitting in pews upstairs. In the former, I heard about wounds, and I heard about healing. By God. I heard about EXPERIENCE, how it led to seeking God’s STRENGTH, how God then provided help, with results that increased my HOPE. Present-tense miracles. Hot off the press. His Light shining, bright and beautiful. Bushels and baskets flung aside. His Light, beaming through the cracks. God sightings. God sendings.

The rigorous honesty that I found in meetings of recovery has ruined me for anything less. Safe places, led by Him, who sets up His loudspeaker system (us) to encourage and edify one another through EVIDENCE of God’s help in our real lives. We can be the new wineskins of which Christ spoke: supple to receive -- and share -- His new wine.

This image was shared recently on Facebook by Pete Scanlon.

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