Saturday, May 23, 2015

Recovery in the Bible (RIB)


I'm starting to see why, for most of us, GOD comes through a Gift of Desperation. We are convinced we can do this, we can figure this out, we can change the world by our wits and by our wisdom. Until we are brought to the end of ourselves. Until we are exhausted. Depleted. Devastated by the failure of our striving and our good intentions.

Only then do we say, "I can't." Only than can God come to our aid. Only then do we begin to comprehend that it is He who can, and we need to let Him. He will lead us in the Way by His Truth into His Life, even as we walk in this broken one. We are His vessels of mercy, praying for those who cannot see what they cannot see until He, Himself, lifts the blindfolds. 

My prayer today is that God will engineer the circumstances for many to realize, as I did when I came to the end of my rope, that if we let go and let God, we will find ourselves on Holy Ground.

This photograph is by Timothy Bolton.

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