Sunday, May 17, 2015

Recovery in the Bible (RIB)


I once had a very strange terrifying dream in which a woman (probably me) was walking in the marshes at the end of her street when she encountered a kid in a dinghy, and the kid was sobbing. He had somehow gotten himself safely onto the shore from a storm “out there” where the wind was strong. The woman could see a large boat “out there” and it was a boat she knew, but it was half sunk. She hugged the kid and brought him home to her house to be warmed. He ends up asking her to help him with the problem, whatever it was, and she agrees to consider his situation.

As it turns out, he wants her to attend meetings of some kind with him, which she refuses. Then some sort of “switch” occurs whereby she falls in love with him, and he takes over, even convincing her to build a huge pool in her yard that ends up depleting all her resources. Eventually she finds herself in a huge gathering, where  she is singing exhuberantly. However, soon people are approaching her, urging her to revise her song. They are strongly suggesting that she change her her tune, saying “Where is the joy in this?” To their question, the woman replies, “Joy is in the Lord!” Her revised song ends up a song of praise to the Lord, which does not seem to be the desired outcome.

Then there is some sort of Review Board, where the woman is required to find a witness to defend her. A neighbor is enlisted, who agrees, thinking it is an interview to support the woman in getting a job with Board. But that’s not what this testimony is about.

I can’t remember the outcome of the dream, but the whole thing felt like it was about a ruse -- a deliberate scheme. It also felt like abuse:  subtle and gradually increasing pressure to succumb to something cleverly disguied as something else.

At the risk of freaking everybody out, I humbly ask  for feedback to this dream. What think you??!

This photograph is by Jo Chaney.

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