Sunday, April 5, 2015

Recovery in the Bible (RIB)


The great blessing of recovery for me has been (finally!) comprehending the fact that I'm a vessel, not a verb; that it's God, not me, whose Song needs to be heard. Therefore, my purpose in life is not about me at all -- it's about Him singing through this little instrument, shining from this little Lighthouse, as abundantly as I will allow. As His vessel, emptied of self and surrendered to His Power, my job is simple: show up, listen, and learn to Let Go and Let God.

We are His New Covenant temples -- neither made by human hands nor led by any man. I recovery, we assemble under His Headship and let Him lead us and speak through us to  one another. Such meetings are very close to the way the Early Church assembled. New wineskins into which He poured His New Wine.

How is it that we ever returned to the former temple? Is He not calling us to gather instead as  New Wineskins? He says He cannot pour Himself into Old Wineskins, for the old wineskins will break. 

Are we ignoring Him? And if so, why?

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