Thursday, April 23, 2015

Recovery in the Bible (RIB)

For me, it's easy when it's easy, but it's HARD when it's hard. I have plenty of evidence from my past that God is trustworthy and more than able to deliver me from troubles, but each new trouble challenges me as if I never had a miracle before.

This is why I keep a Gratitude List. It is long (because I am 68 years old). It so long that it's  almost as tall as I am! I turn to it when trouble comes, because it brings to my remembrance the miracles... so many miracles.. miracle I might have missed.

My morning Quiet Times open a conversation with Him, which He generally starts with something in my Bible reading for the day. His Word has taught me to see things His way and to get to know Him. Recently He said to me (through a sister in Christ) named Lynn: "People say it's not personal; it's business. But God says it's not business; it's personal."

I am grateful beyond expression for the Direct Connect that God makes available to each and every one of us. I just show up, shut up, and listen. He is the air I breathe, and I have discovered that if I take from His air hose, I will trust Him to work it out. At all times and in all circumstances, I  entrust myself to His leading, His guiding. It's my  Gratitude List that helps me Let Go and Let God. It's my proof that God's got this because He always has -- and is eager to deliver me daily, and forever, no matter what. 

This framed piece was a birthday gift from my Sister Sueann. It helps me a lot. I hope it helps someone else out there!

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