Sunday, April 19, 2015

Recovery in the Bible (RIB)

Some people who love me express their concern that Twelve-Step Recovery does not seem, to them, to be Biblical. But I say, nay, nay! Without belaboring the multitudinous Scriptures that are available for me to cite, here are just a few that came to mind without even having to look them up:

Step One                     John 15:5
Step Two                    Galatians 2:20
Step Three                 John 3:30
Step Four-Ten           Matthew 12:43-45
Step Eleven               Romans 12:1-2
Step Twelve               Matthew 28:19

For me, it's coming to God first thing each day knowing that I can't, but He can; and I need to let Him. For I am powerless, and without Him I can do nothing (Step 1). However, since He has given me so much evidence, I came to believe, and now, it Christ who lives in me and not myself (Step 2). Daily I empty myself of self, so He can increase and works things out (Step 3). I daily sweep this earthsuit I inhabit (Steps 4-10) in order that His Light can  overcome the darkness and lead me right (Step 11).  All this aligns with Christ's commission to Go and make disciples  (Step 12).

I say recovery is totally Biblical. It's just camouflaged to make every day a birthday!

          This image arrived this morning from my dear friend and Sister in Christ, Cathy Souza.

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