Thursday, April 16, 2015

Recovery in the Bible (RIB)


Thanks to the Twelve Steps, I have been strengthened to recognize and (finally) rebuke an addiction I once had to PRODUCTIVITY. I had been practically permeated with the idea that to be a "good person" meant that I "should" be doing all sorts of "good things" for other people, that there "should" be results. I was addicted to performance -- and to outcomes that were measurable. 

But nay, nay! Recovery led me into Quiet Times first thing each day, and then in to reading the Bible, where I learned God POV on that Works by Whitney. It grieved me to realize that, in His eyes, "my works" were just a heap of filthy rags. On the other hand, His works (in and through me) are Spirit-led, fruit of the Spirit. To human eyes, "the fruit" may look the same, but God sees the truth. It has taken me twelve years to get free of this' Shoudling" all over myself.

This does not mean I am suddenly a passive person, sitting around doing nothing. It does mean that I am letting HIm flow in and through and out of me any way He wants. My goal is to let Him lead me -- how and when and where He says to go. I am n longer being led by a ring in my nose, not by my human motives, but by Him increasing in Me into His overflow.

Is this revelation to you, or a thorn in your side? I'd be very interested in hearing your take!

This photograph is by Liz Burnell.

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