Friday, April 10, 2015

Recovery in the Bible (RIB)


My twenty-five years in Al-Anon have recently been augmented by the meetings of ACA, which stands for Adult Children of Alcoholics. In truth, ACA exists to offer recovery to “adult children of alcoholism or other family dysfunction.” That means everybody! Anybody! So… ACA could actually stands for Adult Children of Anything!

I was not suffering from ”the wet part” of this disease; I was suffering from “the dry part”: the stinking thinking -- the “isms.” For me, adrenaline became my drug of choice. I now know that I can’t even take sip of that stuff. If I do, I’m off and running -- unwittingly hip-checking the Higher Power and, in my self-sufficiency, attempting to fix whatever the crisis may be -- all by myself.

And so, each morning I enter Quiet Time, surrendering my "self" to God's Spirit -- and to His Counsel for the remaining day. I come to the garden alone, and He walks with me and He talks with me! He has even connected me divinely to others, and we gather under His Headship, gratefully letting Him lead. When people ask what church I attend, I say, "The Church of the New Covenant." When they say, "Where is that?" I say, "Wherever two or three are gathered together in His Name."
This photograph is by Jo Chaney.

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