Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Recovery in the Bible (RIB)


As the Day approaches, I continue to take personal inventory and, whenever I see something wrong, to promptly admit it. Here's what I see: our nation playing the harlot:

Modern Day Molech.  We now call abortion "women's rights." In ancient times, parents sacrificed babies and children in the fire. To Molech. Just saying.

Modern Day Baal. In ancient times, worship of Baal turned Truth upside down  Today, we've re-defined "marriage" to go beyond what God established as the union of one male to one female. Like a frog gently boiled to death in simmering warm water, we are now OK with re-defining marriage to include the union of one male to another male? Over the years I have been alive, we are now also OK with things like promiscuity, which we now call by new names, and with divorce, which are bad for people and not the best ways to live according to God. Baal worship? Just asking.

Modern Day Asheroth.  Are we worshipping humanism and man-made solutions such as ways to control the climate, ways to achieve justice by human engineering absent the Counsel of God. Asheroth perhaps? Again: just saying.

The above image came from Facebook page to share a quote from Rick Warren.

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