Sunday, March 29, 2015

Recovery in the Bible (RIB)


Trust is earned, and GOD is earning it in this home. How? By meeting us in the midst. By revealing where our faith falters. By proving, once again, that it is His Revealing that leads to Healing. And so I say this morning to our Most Merciful and Mighty Master, "Walk right in! Set right down! Explain Yourself in ways we can understand!" May our Living Room (aptly named) become a place of True Life: our manger, our crucifixion, our resurrection -- our Place of Pentecost, Your Fullness of Life.

I lay my burdens down before You, Most Merciful and Mighty GOD Most High. And I walk away, rejoicing in the day that is before us. Thank You, oh Jesus, oh Word made manifest! Thank You, sweet Savior, my sweet LORD! Through You all things were made, including our little lives, and we have stumbled toward purpose for us to radiate thanks and praise to glorify You, and You alone. But Your purposes will prevail, and thought falter and faint, we see they do. They are. They will. AMEN!

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