Thursday, March 26, 2015

Recovery in the Bible (RIB)


When I entered Al-Anon in 1989, I began the process of unlearning so much that I had been taught (and thought!) was good and right. Over time, I began to discover that walking the walk in recovery was only possible with the help of what they in the rooms called "the Higher Power."

Through the help of Step Eleven that "the Higher Power" actually has a name and is alive, and that I could actually have a conversational relationship with my Maker, who desires to guide my walk through the best ways to live.

Then one day I met a stranger at my Al-Anon meeting, who showed up at church the very next Sunday and joined me in the pew and sat down, saying, "I wish there were some way to put the two together." The hair went up on the back of my neck. I knew it was God.

It was the beginning of an ending, which just happens to be the title of this awesome photograph by my dear friend and sister in Christ, Jo Chaney.

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