Thursday, March 19, 2015

Recovery in the Bible (RIB)


Twenty-five years in recovery taught me to walk the walk, which requires rigorous honesty. Then (I believe) the LORD imparted to me His desire for us to GET REAL -- with Him, with ourselves, and with each other. To do so requires relationship that is real, alive, up-close and- personal. We can't obtain this lined up in pews, gathering for so-called "fellowship" at coffee hour following the so-called "service."

I realize this sounds radical, but it is not. Read the New Covenant  to see if anywhere the early church believers ever built a building. They did not. Occasionally they met in a (rented?) upper room, but mostly they met in small gatherings, from house to house; they met with the LORD and with each other; they became close with one another; they were like family.

The message is my Step Twelve. I have seen it happen in recovery meetings, where people share experience, strength, and hope, telling about what got broken, how they turned it over to God, and then what happened. Sharing like this is the opposite of Looking-Goodism. It is sharing from broken-ness and restoration... crucifixion and resurrection.

]How can it be so simple?  Direct Connect with Him (vertical); then Sharing That with others (horizontal). It is the sign of the cross! 

This photograph is by Eric Jonas Swensson of Sound Shore Media.

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