Thursday, March 12, 2015

Recovery in the Bible (RIB)


I awoke this morning from a dream about how dark it is for all of us who are presently walking through this natural world. The dream was about me -- and you (aka some of us on earth) who have been given a little tiny bit of light -- like a match stick. LIT! In it, I experienced the fact that even a little bitty-bit of light helps, and all the more when I find others who are also carrying a LIT match. We find one another by Divine Connection, and we huddle together in the dark, garnering more Light and findig that, this way, more Light is shed.

God seems to be saying that my walk with Him through life entails daily showing up to receive a “match” from His WORD, and that, daily, His Holy Spirit will set that match alight. God comes first and foremost -- the first commandment. Then, in Christ we go forth to find one another in Jesus -- the second commandment. In Him, we come alongside disciple one another; outside of Him, we do not.
This illustration is by Margaret Anne Ottersen.

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