Sunday, March 8, 2015

Check It Out!

My Cyber Links

For my sanity and yours, I am posting here a list of all my cyberspace addresses, from blog to websites. I am available, and I enjoy it when we get a chance to encourage one another. So here's how to contact me:

Blog                   Late-Breaking Breakthroughs at

Books                Amazon BOOKS Department AUTHOR Whitney McKendree Moore


Facebook          FInd me via my full name: Whitney McKendree Moore

FB Group

Google+            On Google+  as Whitney McKendree Moore

LinkedIn            On LinkedIn as Whitney McKendree Moore

Soundcloud      Two songs on Soundcloud under whitneymckendreemoore

Twitter                On Twitter name as WhitneyMcKMoore

BS-Busters        Google or use this hyperlink:


I have filed this post under a label on this blog for easy retrieval in the future. Thanks for listening!

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