Friday, November 7, 2014

Love Notes

GOD on high, hear my prayer of gratitude, so much gratitude for this quiet time, this peaceful communing with You -- such a luxury, such a time of nourishment and edification. I love to enter this place each morning to be held and to behold You! Thank You for revealing it to me: the simplicity of Life in You and by You... such a revelation to walk right in and sit right down, close to Your heart, to listen and to learn from You in Person.

Thank You for the revelation of this way of Life of abiding in You and You abiding me; thank You for the Direct Connection -- and also for the Divine Connections You have forged for me: Your men, Your women, Your saints on earth who live surrendered to You, Your people who get still to know that You are God. Thank You for assembling us under Your Headship, O Maker of the Universe!  Thank You for teaching us to release and to receive manna from You, hand-fed. 

This day, I release to You all my concerns and cares, trusting You entirely because You make it easy to do so as I remember the evidence of my past -- even the past of hour ago -- it is true yesterday, today and tomorrow! You have proven You are all I need, so I gladly receive from You Your nourishment, Your encouragement, and Your consolations. I am daily sustained in this wilderness of a broken world, a world we broke, a world full of secularists and humanism, a world of woe. I am strengthened to pray Your Will be done! Bring us to our wits' end to see our need for You!

I know to pray this because I was like them once, believing in myself and others, believing that  people can do anything, especially if they are smart, and believing that "I can do" -- that we all "can do" by our human wits and wisdom. Towers of Babel we have built and are envisioning still. Forgive us, GOD on high, for we know not that without You we can do nothing. We do not know this! We know not what we are doing, and we do not understand that the answers are found in You.

Yet still You are reaching out to the lambs who are living so dangerously  close to the ledges of life, so near to devastation by a terrifying fall from Deception Pass into the Rocky Ravine. We hear You calling, wooing, allowing whatever will awaken those for whom we pray -- that You desire none would perish, but have Eternal Life. Before Your throne,  we release them -- we do! We let them go, for our release lets You be GOD. We entrust them to Your Gracious Lavish Love and Mercy -- all of it -- this whole mess, this whole mixture, this whole broken shipwreck of a world, crying "Mercy in the name of our LORD and Savior, Jesus Christ!" We implore You, singing, "He will come and save you!" and we cry aloud with hope that is confident, rejoicing to learn that true worship weeps, that  there is joy in the mourning.

This photograph is from a Facebook page called Live Life in Color.

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