Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Freedom is Fragile

GOD on high, there is joy in the morning this morning -- a chance to bring forth prosperity by unleashing freedoms that have been strangled by Control calling itself Compassion. Thank You, God, for the trumpet blast and the obedience of Your people to rise up against Statism at long last.

Thank You for freeing our people from foolishness and for restoring our government to heed  its people -- not the other way around. Please reveal and heal us from lies and divisions that have lured good people from discernment and from wisdom. Thank You, in advance, for the vindication(s) that will emerge as 320 bills are brought out from under the skirts of one bitterly deceived Senator, who's only a pawn in the game. Reveal, I pray, that Congress has NOT been doing nothing all these years. May these 320 bills that have been languishing bring Your Light to shine upon the duplicity and cronyism that has been in power for so long.

Thank You for returning us to Common Sense, Common Cents, and Civility. May we  stand in awe to have rigorous DEBATE returned to the halls of Congress along with RESPECT for those who hold differing viewpoints. Guide us back into Your wisdom and the SOLVING of so many difficult problems.

Thank You for another chance, O GOD. Thank You for the hope that is in us, You have brought us to an important juncture, a watershed moment. May we rise to the occasion with grace and mercy, and may the Light have entrance into our hearts and minds. What a relief to see in these election results that it is still true in these United States to say in GOD we trust. Unity, we par! Your Will! Your Way!

This photograph is by Kristofer Rowe.

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