Saturday, September 20, 2014

Regarding Passover

Based on Isaiah 31-32 and 2 Corinthians 11:33

It is an awesome thing to know that our Redeemer lives and to have a personal relationship with the Passover Lamb... to have received His Spirit from on high so that this wilderness becomes a fruitiful field and the fruitful field becomes a forest. How blessed we are to have been given spiritual eyes and ears to see and hear and follow Him, who delivers us from the Death Angel, who will defend Jerusalem and will also deliver it; passing over, He will preserve it. 

It is the  foolishness of God that reveals the way of escape! The window in the wall! The Passover of the Lamb! I am grateful to have been received this wisdom, so foolish in the eyes of the world. It is God's gift to have the blood of the Lamb over the portal, to see the basket and simply into Him, protected from the Death Angel and carried the window in the wall.

This photograph is from a Facebook page called Live Life in Color.

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