Monday, June 9, 2014

The Fall (Pun Intended) of 2008

This entry was based on readings from Isaiah (Ch 40 -44), Psalms 109 -110, Proverbs 26,  Galatians (Ch 2-4), Habbakuk 2, and commentaries on them:

So I put myself, my family and friends, my heart and body and soul and mind into Your Holy Spirit’s care, Who lives in me. In the natural, this is scary, LORD. But my hope is in You. I know that hope is in things not yet seen. Hope is confidence, expectancy, waiting in trust that is unshakeable for something longed for -- it is waiting and watching with an attitude of loyal love. And I hear You say to my heart:

HOPE is knowing that I AM your rock and your salvation.  I alone AM your fortress.  I will not be shaken.
 Psalm 62:5-6

I stand on the solid rock of God’s faithfulness and timing. I fix my gaze on Him.  I know there is no valley of trouble that He intends me to pass through without His wisdom and guidance and grace. I am blessed with faithfulness even when circumstances look hopelessly shipwrecked by the so-called “solutions” of men. Thanks be to God for hope in the darkest hallways!

This painting is by Veronica Benning, who died on Christmas Eve 2014.

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