Saturday, May 17, 2014

Funny As Hell

I have decided to declare a war on words. No longer will I sit quietly, pretending something is fine with me when it isn't. I simply need to make a stand against the Orwellian whirlwind that is all around us. Common sense seems to have been swept away from where I sit. For me and Toto, it definitely does not look like we're in Kansas anymore.

What tornado has carried us so far and away? I'm thinking it may have started with the "gentle" breezes of Political Correctness, which, at first, appeared docile and right. The goal to was be tolerant. And YES, of course, we all said "YES!" to that.

For heaven's sake, this was America, and here we protect freedom of speech, freedom of thought, everyone's God-given freedom to think any way we choose within the limits of the law. We say "YES!" to respect for any and all holding a differing pint of view. So yes --  we said yes, we said yes.

Gradually, however, those breezes turn to stronger winds, and cold, and they blew through, carrying us into new meanings for Political Correctness -- primarily this: "Don't offend." Sensitivity became the goal,replacing respect for diversity. As the cold winds blew stronger, PC came to mean, "Don't offend anyone -- ever." 

And so, according to the current definitions of Political Correctness, it is now considered "not PC" to disagree with someone. Especially if your view might hurt another person's feelings --someone's feelings, anyone's feelings, someone(s), anyone(s).

The result: intolerance! If a viewpoint is considered "offensive" is "not PC" and therefore not to be expressed. So much for freedom of expression. It has been carried away, and we with it -- to Oz. 

Honestly, if it weren't so downright Orwellian, it would be funny. Funny as hell.

This photograph is from the Facebook page of Kristopher Rowe.

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