Monday, January 20, 2014

Contemporary Psalms


Get wisdom! Get understanding! Do not forsake her, and she will preserve you.
Proverbs 4:65-6

Wisdom is indeed a pearl beyond price, and it comes through the parables that capture and convey truths we cannot otherwise comprehend. Such consolations You provide through Your Word Writ and through the blessed assurances of Christ!  For instance, the example of Abraham being asked (by You!) to sacrifice Issac. People seem afraid to enter relationship with You, as though You are a cult leader eager to brainwash Your followers to follow You into things like sacrificing Issac. But the fact is that relationship with You is backed up by Scripture, which helps us discern Your wisdom from cruel twists and half-truths.

I had my own "Issac" when my husband found employment in a gambling casino and everyone around me was saying, "Don't let him do this." Their claim, and it made sense in human terms, was  that "This couldn't be God." But God was telling me to "Keep your hands off and leave this alone." And so I did, praying my husband might develop a holy hatred for the environment -- and he did! And he found another path and it led him to promotion after promotion in a successful position where he excelled for eighteen years. God did not ask me to kill Issac. But the story and that example helped me realize things don't always sound like God, but it could be God.

Thank You for developing a deeper and closer relationship with my, LORD -- on that the devil cannot twist, though he certainly does try. And he will try, especially  after the Rapture of Your Church, Your Bride who will be misconstrued "haters" -- as tares taken from the earth and thrown into the fire. People will believe this because they do not know the sum of the Word Writ, and they will easily become pawns in the devil's game. They do not know themselves to be wicked by virtue of their simply not seeking God to get wisdom and understanding. Thus they will practice lawlessness and things that offend God, albeit unwittingly, and they themselves will be offensive to God, Who will continue to love them and beckon them to safety in His arms.

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