Friday, January 10, 2014

Contemporary Psalms


Let not mercy and truth forsake you; bind them around your neck...
Psalm 3:3-4

Father God, in Christ and by Your HolySpirit I come before Your throne to say aloud that it is not possible for me to escape the scoffing or the mocking or the spiteful persecution that comes from afar. It is possible, however, to find others who are surrendered to Your Power, vessels of Your mercy and truth, divine connections forged by You. You seem to be telling me to find my "peeps" -- those who respect and love me no matter what,  as I love You love us no matter what -- those whom You, O God, have labelled "Mine." 

Thank You for transforming knowledge of Your Word into understanding that is deep and profound. Thank You for Your mercy and truth around my neck and for protected those most precious to You from this world and set us into the Body of Christ, like living stones, radiant by Your Holy Spirit increasing as we allow. Thank You for the relief in realizing that life in this "earthsuit" is not about me or any one of us at all, that Your goal is to obliterate self-sufficiency, self-reliance, indeed self-ANYTHING at all! THank You that I can hear You twirling and singing over me as I am drawn higher and deeper and closer to Your Heavenly Heart. Thank You for releasing me from the false gods that once do so cruelly tormented me: measurements regarding me in any way at all -- my works, not performance. You have smashed those idols into smithereens, and I thank You!

Such freedom to let go and let You increase -- period. Thank You for protecting this little lantern from the arrows that are shot from afar life. I rejoice to know the agony You suffered was the epitome of suffering, most ultimate and sublime, more than sufficient to cover mine. And now, so sweet it is to hear You (again!) saying, "Mine -- no matter what ... Mine."

This photograph is from a Facebook page called Live Life in Color.

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