Friday, August 2, 2013

Contemporary Psalms


Return, O children of men!
Psalm 90:3

LORD Most High, You have spoken and shown us that we are born as sons of Adam or daughters of Eve -- children of Your creation, of the water, of the flesh. We are not born of Your Spirit, yet You say, we must be born again lest we be carried away like a flood as if asleep.

O God, I pray You will reveal Abraham's faith to Your Created human beings, for he, too faltered along the way and lost his way, conceiving a son who was not of Your promise before Your promised child came forth from the aged Sarah. In Issac, we see a child of Your Promise, a child of faith -- the kind of faith that gives life and calls things which do not exist into being. 

So shall Your descendants be: Born into this world but not to become OF it, neither ensnared nor entangled by the world, but instead, born again by Your Spirit to believe in You who raised up Jesus, our Savior and LORD, from the dead, Who was raised because of our offenses in order to atone for them all -- known and unknown. His Blood covers and cleanses us to be received as Your children, God. Covered by the Blood of Christ and raised by Him into the heavenlies even now, giving You thanks and praise and honor and adorations forever and ever. So shall You descendants be!

This photograph is from a Facebook page called Live Life in Color.

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