Saturday, December 15, 2012

Downloads from God

Amos 6:1-7:17; Psalm 142:1-7; Proverbs 29:27; Revelation 5:1-14

I hold My people, encircling them under My Wings, where the winds that are swirling and shrieking are silenced and all is Calm. Pray for many beloveds to come into My Shelter, as though they have been brought into eye of a hurricane. I surround them under My Wings where there is always Stillness and Comfort and Assurance. Pray they will collapse into My Care and Keeping! I will nourish and sustain them through all their losses and horror and shock. I AM in the middle of it all, bringing My Care and Keeping, My Mercy and Grace, and the kind of Peace that passes all human understanding. Pray for Peace.

Painting entitled Shelter by Claudia Wood Rahm. Visit her Facebook Page at "CWR Color Unchained" or her website at

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