Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Downloads from God

Hosea 13:1-14:9; Psalm 140:1-5; Proverbs 29:23; Rev 1:1-20

In the green grass you see a lushness that is lavish, even as the winter nears -- you do not see brown, but green grass, lavish and surprising for this time of year. Rejoice My daughter, for you are seeing something I desire to make known: I AM on the move; I AM on the way! Soon you will see My Springs that never run dry, My Streams of Living Water, My River of Life flowing freely on the earth. Rejoice, for the time is near when the long, cold winter will have at last come to an end, and the earth will show forth the loveliness I intended originally. Soon, My child, soon and very soon…

Painting entitled Peaceable Kingdom by Claudia Wood Rahm. Visit her Facebook page at CWR Color Unchained.

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