Sunday, September 16, 2012

Downloads from God


It is the disposition of sin in human nature child, that needs to be replaced and replaced entirely. That is why My Son, the Christ, died: to pay the ransom for that defect and to purchase it. He has taken it away and replaced the mainspring! But many do not see their need for a whole new life; many neglect even considering that need, and then they die. It is tragic, because the gift is offered to every human being on the earth. I have made them free to choose, even if that freedom means they choose to refuse to choose. 

Not your to worry, My daughter, but it is yours to intercede. Ask, knowing that it shall be given, as salvation (at the very least!) is My Will to give each one for whom you pray. Thank Me now for the salvations you have requested of Me. These are they! Thank Me also for the prayers you have offered for My Lordship over lives that have received Me. Praying that My Spirit will arise in each of their hearts is a Godly prayer, and it is My will, and My will WILL be done, whether you see it with your human eyes or not. Only believe, and trust, and watch and wait, standing in faith, believing My answer is YES. And so you may say and sing, even now, a great AMEN.

Painting entitled Reconciliation is by Claudia Wood Rahm, whose work can be seen at

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