Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Downloads from God


Field of Flags… Hurricane Irene… cardiac stents… a day of remembrance. Oh daughter of Mine, embrace the memories as opportunities to experience My embrace. Embrace also the knowledge that is so vital as you grow in Me. The darkness hates the light, and that is just the way it is. As My Life in increases in you, My Light becomes more and greater and stronger, shedding forth from your earthen vessel. It is wisdom for you to remember this and to embrace with gratitude that you know about the darkness and the light. 

The above art was drawn by Whitney Wood Weldon for the cover of a book that will hopefully soon appear. It will be a hardcopy version of the website my friend "Wildermom" created for the "breakthough approach to Bible-Study" that the Lord revealed over the years. The book will be a hard copy of BS-Busters.net and should be available before Christmas 2012.

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