Sunday, August 19, 2012

Downloads from God


Child, it is not possible to speak rationally with an irrational disease. So don’t. Simply pray that all who will know, will know, so that My appointed hour would be hastened. It is all about Me, child, and you are right to say so. People want to compartmentalize Me, to consider Me just one slice of life. But no -- as you know -- I AM the whole pie! It not an extremist position to say so. It is, however, unpopular.

As you go forth from this time in My Arms, see that you remain vigilant, keeping My Oil flowing in your little vessel. Listen to My heartbeart, allowing it to comfort and assure you. Keep coming to Me each morning and in the many moments afterwards as you live on earth. I AM coming soon , but until then, the best way to Live is to seek Me continually. Come to Me, run to Me, collapse into my Arms whenever you need, for I AM your nourishment, your Refreshment, your Provision, and I am More Than Sufficient. 

Photograph by Pat Liu (2006).

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