Monday, July 9, 2012

Downloads from God


I love your grateful awareness of My Presence your life -- you know that I AM before you, behind you, over you, in you, through you…. I love your love for Me; it brings Me joy. And child, My Joy is your strength. Therefore, as you go forth this day, go forth in confident hope, for you Live in Me and I Live in you.

Painting entitled Moonlight Serenade by Claudia Wood Rahm.


  1. Yes, what a truth. cheers, Graeme

  2. Well, hullo Graeme. Thanks so much for commenting on my blog -- many people find its COMMENT feature baffling and uncooperative. So good for you -- you are an overcomer! P.S. You are also the first person who told me about blogging -- it was way back when you were doing research here. See what you started??