Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Downloads from God


Hear and feel and see the signs of Life, signs of Overcoming Life, that are in you and all around. Pierce through the tangible, logical, practical realm, dear daughter, and listen! Find your way into spiritual Truth, where you live in Me and move in Me and have your being in Me. You are connected by the Holy Spirit, who lives in You. So abide in Me and I know that abide in you. Know that when you jokingly say you are “plugged in,” it is no joke -- you are.

Many do not grasp this reality, but those who do, have everything they need -- all the gifts and all the access to Me who leads from this realm of mortal life into Eternal Life. These realms are separated only by “a comma” -- and  for those who live in Christ, the comma leads to surpassing joy. I tell you this Truth so that you may rejoice even now, and then, forever and ever. Amen.

Painting by Veronica Benning, whose work can be seen on her Facebook page.

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