Thursday, June 21, 2012

Downloads from God


I AM the LORD your GOD, singing over you, twirling over you, rejoicing over you, for you are a lily among thorns, My darling among maidens. The great, looming enemy of Performance has been slain, simply because you threw the stone that I provided. You trembled in the interval between the throwing of the stone and the felling of the boisterous, bellowing giant. Of course you shook -- the interval was long, and waves of booming, berating, cruel threats kept washing over you like a violent storm containing thunder and lighting strikes. But look at it now. My daughter: no more dangerous pull, the undertow is gone. The enemy lies defeated, down on the ground, flat on its back. . You stand here singing, “It’s the LORD, look what the LORD has done!” Your amazement and gratitude blesses Me.

Painting by Veronica Benning, whose work can be seen on her Facebook page.

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