Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Downloads from God


I was with you, and you stood against the bellowing giant holding a sword that seemed to you the size of a stick pin. You were trembling and weepy, but you stood, and I made the ground more solid as you took your cues from Me. Others you thought would 'be there" for you fed you misinformation or ran away completely. You were wise to have called for prayer from faithful saints, because their prayers paved the way for My aid to roll in like armored tanks. You shook at the thunderous arrival of My Strength and My Equipping; you also knew it was My Wisdom and My Discernment coming in power. You fought nimbly with you "stick pin" in faith and by faith, which is how victories are won in the spiritual realm. You shook at the thunderous crashing of the giant, and then the ground shook -- for days. Excellent, dear dear one. Heaven helped, and you know it.

You now have more evidence than you have ever had before that I AM and that I will always sustain you and keep you. Sing and shout for joy, for you are reclaiming the lost years and redeeming the time;  you are surrounded by My Light, the true light that comes from Me, that gives Life. You are surrounded, child, by the Holy Triune God, the Three in One. In you Our Light in ON. Shine, dear one, shine...

Painting by Claudia Wood Rahm is entitled Playground. Her work can be seen on her website at cwrcolorunchained.blogspot.com

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