Sunday, June 10, 2012

Downloads from God


It is true, My daughter, that your life has been restored to you. It had been taken captive and set into a cage of your own making. Do not, however, hear My correction as condemnation, for it is not. I AM did allow this circumstance and I AM has guided you through this situation in order that you might learn, once again, to heed what you hear from Me, even if it seems trifling. You have finally seen that you tend to minimize messages, even if they are from Me. You don’t mean to, but you do, because your thinking processes were damaged a long time ago.

Never more will you be dismissive of My gentle troublings, will you, child? This is how you learn to walk straight and safe in My best for you. It is not for you to bemoan or belabor over what has transpired. Only to say, with true thanksgiving in your heart, “Here I am, LORD” and to hear Me reply, “Here AM I.”

Painting entitled Joy Comes in the Mourning by Claudia Wood Rahm of

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