Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Downloads from God


Come in, come in, child, into My arms of comfort and consolation. You are on a higher place than you were before this last trial. It was a fiery furnace, but you did well -- better than ever before in the flames that could not scorch you or harm you in any way. You knew I was in there with you, and you knew this deeper in your “knower” than you have ever known before. You listened for My voice, and you heard, and you obeyed. You are stronger now, unbreakable in the knowledge that I love you completely and unconditionally. I never won’t! So the fear of flunking you set it in its coffin and nailed the lid shut. The flames from which have just emerged are now it’s funeral pyre. Empty vessel, be filled by MY love and light this day, and watch the flames from afar. You are standing at a safe distance now, with a higher perspective, My perspective. Take a deep spiritual breath, and hear Me say, “I will never leave you or forsake you -- and never means never.” You are Mine, forever and ever.

This painting by Veronica Benning, whose work can be seen on her Facebook page.

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