Friday, May 11, 2012

Downloads from God


The chains of arrogance and anger will fall from this frightened and furious young man, My child. I AM coming to meet him and help him and hold him! Persevere in speaking Life over this broken heart, knowing that I AM his Healer; I AM the Great Physician; I AM on the way -- though he does not know Me yet, he will.

He is chosen and will be a royal priest, My own special person. He will set forth My wonderful deeds and display the virtues and perfections that manifest when I call someone out of darkness into Light and Life. He is going to be My person, oh Lord, transformed and freed from all that has been waging war against his soul. His life will be conducted properly, honorably, and righteously -- to My honor and glory, not his own.

Thank you, My child, for interceding -- first, for asking My will be done and second, for knowing My will WILL be done!

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