Sunday, May 6, 2012

Downloads from God


I AM granting him a spirit of wisdom and revelation to know the hope of My calling  in Christ Jesus. His broken human heart is being flooded with My light, so that he can know and understand the hope to which I have called him. He will know the richness of the glorious inheritance I have for My saints, and he will know the immeasurable and unlimited and surpassing greatness of My power in his life. He will believe Me with his transformed heart. His heart is being healed even now, as I AM increasing in him. His faith, which is as tiny as a seed, has been buried under layers of dirt and even trash. Nevertheless, I AM able to grow his faith, and I AM, even now, causing that seed to sprout roots and take hold. His furious self-sufficiency will move toward mild agreement and through the press of circumstances that drive him to seek refuge under My wings. Finally, he will be able to acknowledge the refuge he has found in Me. He will proclaim that he has, at last, found safety and joy -- and freedom -- in Me. He will, child. Thank Me now, no matter how unlikely all this may appear at the moment. Faith in Me -- faith in things yet unseen.

Photograph by Jo Chaney of Mainely

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