Thursday, May 3, 2012

Downloads from God


Daughter dear, I AM leading you and guiding you because you are seeking to listen and follows. Your willingness is an excellent attitude of heart, a gift from Me, who softened your hardness through the press of circumstances. Please know that this was a gift indeed -- a seeking, a willingness to follow once you knew that you knew what you knew. And now that heart attitude is in the present tense: you seek and are willing to follow, once you know that you know what you know. Continue to seek My face and My guidance and to dismiss striving and vain ambition! When they raise their ugly heads, you will recognize and rebuke them. scattering them like smoke into the  farthest corners. No more TRYING child. It was TRYING that led you to fail in the first place, and then, NOT TRYING also led you to fail. Therefore, cease from striving and live, released from that cruel bondage. Those who are free in Me are free indeed.

Photograph by Kent Phyfe whose work can be seen at

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