Friday, April 27, 2012

Downloads from God


Child, it is possible for Me to open the spiritual eyes of this lost beloved and cause him to see. I alone AM able to open the eyes of his heart, and I will,  because you are asking My purpose to be accomplished in him, in his sister, and in his mother. For My will to be done is a righteous prayer, especially when spoken fervently believing faith in My Word. Though this seems impossible to you in the natural, you trust Me because you know Me and you have plenty of evidence from your past. 

I promise you, My child, that the eyes of this lamb will see Me and My chariots of fire. Persevere in thanksgiving -- just  pray and sing and pray and sing, knowing it is not My desire for any one to perish, but for all who will be saved to be saved. I know how to engineer the circumstances so that someone can finally eneter into Risen Life through the shed blood of My Son, Jesus the Christ. Rejoice even now, for this is My will, even to pluck from the ledge such a furious, frustrated, and literally lost beloved as this one. 

Photograph by Kent Phyfe whose work can be seen and ordered through his website at

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