Sunday, April 1, 2012

Downloads from God


You do not have to be the one to decide -- I AM! It is divine revelation, imparted by Me to whomever I choose. Do not fret or be afraid, My daughter. You are not “the decider.” Yours is to be willing, as you are this day, to be available. Simply go forth, interceding for those you encounter and listening for My guidance. You know that I will speak; I will show; I will help. It is precisely as you and Pamela were discussing yesterday: how easily the word “Israel” can sound like “Is Real.” She laughed, and so did you. I love the laughter that comes with revelation. Yes indeed. You know. He is not just the Savior and the LORD of your life -- He is real.

This photograph is entitled "It's a Big World" and was shot by Jo Chaney of -- a website through which her gift can be viewed. I must confess that I find there a gift being gloriously displayed.

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