Monday, April 16, 2012

Downloads from God

(Based on Psalm 46:10; Proverbs 14:12; Luke 13:1-22; Joshua 22:5)

It is astonishing the lengths to which a person will go in order not to think. Yet I, the LORD, will persevere in “troubling” each human heart, for I AM called by some The Hound of Heaven. It is My desire to reveal and heal in order to thread My beloveds through the narrow gate into My Kingdom. Narrow is the gate, but I AM like a mother hen desiring gather My brood under My wings.  Many a human heart is unwilling to be brought under My safety. Many prefer to walk in ways that lead to death and loss that is eternal. And so I coo and woo, singing, Be still and know that I AM God. In this way you will bear fruit, well, and, like a mustard seed that grows and becomes a tree in which the birds of the air can nest in its branches, you also can be a tree of life in My Name.

Photograph entitled Moving with the Spirit by Jo Chaney of

NEWSFLASH!!! Please note that Roobie is ruminating once again, having been proclaimed BENIGN. In gratitude, I will be relaying whatever she tells me about what "Even My Dog Knows." Her posts will be coded under labels that are listed alphabetically on your right: FREEDOM IS FRAGILE and PET THEORIES and COMMON CENTS.

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