Thursday, March 1, 2012

Downloads from God


Do not scare yourself, My daughter. Consider how Abraham must have felt when placing Issac on the altar. You can imagine that he was frightened indeed, and you can imagine his joy and relief at the provision of My Mercy. This is where you are now, child, figuratively speaking. Simply bring Me the stones you would ordinarily hurl at yourself, and leave them with Me. Put them down! At My feet! And walk away, entrusting the entire circumstance into My care. I AM pleased because this sacrifice is unblemished by striving or any devices of your own heart. In the natural, it is impossible to do what you have done, My child, but in Me, you are becoming a devoted field. I AM glad to bring forth fruit in a field like this one -- fruit that is luscious and lavish, fruit that is undeniably of Me, so beautiful to behold. Many will see and know I AM God.

This painting is called Amends and is the work of artist Claudia Wood Rahm, who is having another exhibition in Litchfield Country in March. For details, see her on Facebook and sign up for the Opening Reception!

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