Monday, February 6, 2012

Downloads from God


Modesty is not the same attitude as humility. The former hides; the latter openly seeks. Utter and abject surrender to My power is an attitude well-pleasing to Me, for it produces a walk that aligns with My will. It is vulnerable to others, especially those who are not yet sons of God, but it is not weakness. Remember how Paul said that in his weakness he was made strong. No, child, it is not unwise but wise to lie back for surgery, to cooperate with the surgeon. And I AM the great physician. You are safe when you are surrendered to Me, safe no matter what happens in the naturals realms. You are safe because you belong to Me: bought by My Blood; redeemed. Now My child,  know that I call you “child” for that reason.

Painting entitled Orange Shasta Field by Veronica Benning.
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