Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Downloads from God


It is very plain -- “main and plain” as they say -- that My timing is perfect, though My ways are higher than yours, and it may not always appear to you that fruit is sure to come forth. In My Kingdom, however, you are a fruitful bough just because you are grafted into Me. Do not expect the fruit to look a certain way or to appear by a certain time. Only know that, grafted into Me, you are grafted into the Vine of Victory. I AM your supply, your purpose, your all-in-all. Others are grafted in also, and you will be joints of supply for one another because of your Life in the Vine. But it is not they, it is Me, who is your provision. Keep your graft wide open. I long to fill you, child! In Me, you have Life, and it shines forth from you everywhere you go. Even if you are just standing there, doing what appears to be nothing, you are My lighthouse, from whom I shine. Embrace that simplicity, child, that trust in Me to accomplish what I will. Relax, my dear one, and go with Me for this day’s adventures, not as a “busy body” all pre-planned and pre-occupied, but ready and willing: available, Mine.

Painting entitled Joy Molecules by Claudia Wood Rahm.
Google her as "cwr color unchained" or visit her website at


  1. "Put your eyes upon Jesus,
    look full in his wonderful face..
    and the things of this world
    will look strangely dim-
    in the light of His Glory and Grace."
    Today's download speaks to me loud and clear.
    Thank You, Lord!

  2. And thank you, Claudia. It tickles me PINK that "Joy Molecules" is turned round right. I just felt that it was, so I put it up that way. To discover that's the correct way just feels so good. It's really-truly sweet how our Lord works through the littlest decisions and makes Himself known -- plainly. Heee... more encouragement to stick with what's Main and Plain!