Monday, December 26, 2011

Downloads from God

12- 26-11

Why do you wonder that your son calls you Metaphor Mama? I tell you now to be encouraged that he finally listens to your sharings without pouncing, that you now see him starting to discern the edges of My Ways.  Daughter dear, these conversations with him and with your husband are also times of meeting, times of communion, though they may not appear that way to your natural eyes. Look with your heart, My child, and know that I reside and flow forth from you, a Christ follower. Love me beyond My benefits, beyond any and all material measurements. Merely the tip is visible to you of what I AM accomplishing beneath the surface. Way down, deep below, great and thunderous moves of Mine are underway. If you listen with My Holy Spirit, you will discern, far down in the distant depths, the Sound of Profound.

Painting entitled Above and Beyond by Claudia Wood Rahm 
Google her as "cwr color unchained" or visit her website at

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