Friday, September 30, 2011

Pet Theories

Roobie's Ruminations

9/4/11: Roobie notes that I need to be where my feet are. "You can have cyberpals," she says, "but be where you actually live." Thanks, Roo -- good dog!

9/5/11: Roobie snarfles through the most ungodly messes and comes up with something wonderful every time; it's an amazing thing!

9/7/11: My dog and I spend time with God FIRST, not later, and then we take our hike -- first things first!

9/8/11: Even my dog sees that equal RIGHTS do not ensure equal OUTCOMES, nor should they, lest we not be truly free.

9/9/11: Roobie doesn't vote on legislation that omits the costs, nor on bills she has not read.

9/10/11: My dog is losing patience with her government spending money it does not have. She wonders if dogs are now smarter than peeps!

9/14/11: Roobie knows that liberty is linked to limited government and to free-market economies, and she's only a dog!

9/21/11: Roobie does not believe in giving her checkbook to a spending addict (the U.S. government).

9/28/11: My dog has emerged from her run through the woods, reporting that "Jericho's next."

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