Tuesday, September 13, 2011

God Sendings


Word: Surrender to My Power.

Next: Told someone I was praying for her, imagining them going forth as though I were blowing bubbles.

Next: Joanne told me that, “Salvation is easy and the rest is an adventure.” Lynn calls to say, “It’s a RIDE.”

Next: Saw an image of dark black, toxic smoke, but knew that I was safe in the bubble -- and so is everyone else.

Next: Went on a raft ride at Busch Gardens, which showed me that I am able to ride like that – not rigid with fear, but smiling my head off.

Next: Back to the bubbles. The incredible lightness of being! I saw myself sparkling and glistening like a bubble because I’m encircled by His love – His blood. He’s the bubble!

Next: I am encircled by Him, forgiven for everything I’ve ever done or ever will do! I’m to be carried by the Wind of His Spirit like a bubble -- not tossed about or adrift -- but carried, wherever He may desire to go.

This is how God explained to me what He meant when He said:

Surrender to My Power.

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  1. This from Carl via e-mail, who says, "Surrender to My Power!!! It makes me think of surrendering to His love. God's love!!! Can we even comprehend what His love means to us? To love Him, each other as we love our selves!!! To love our enemies!!! Oh God, please, please show me how to do this most unhuman thing so that I might show you that I truly love You!!! May God Bless you Whitney and I pray for you daily!!!" Thank you, Carl, especially for your prayers in Him in Whom we live and move and have our being!