Thursday, June 23, 2011

Pet Theories

Roobie, our beautiful Vizsla, turned ten years old today amid considerable celebration (a huge thunder storm that had her cowering in a closet). Nevertheless, she has managed to cull the best of her ruminations from the month of June, and she offers them here:

6/1/11: It seems to Roobie that human nature has a very high opinion of itself.

6/3/11: Roobie does not film herself for all the world to see. She prefers BEING THERE to virtual reality.

6/5/11: Beware the fruitless habit of digging up other dogs' bones, says Roo, who digs for her own stuff. Her motto is, "You do you -- me, too..."

6/6/11: Roobie has been given a great big pair of Songlasses that do not block the Son! What a gift!

6/7/11: Roo remembers this time last year: the RAPID unseating and exit of Helen Thomas -- an outcome that said, loud and clear, "God will not be mocked."

6/8/11: Roobie agrees with Oswald Chambers that God is not a blessing machine & that we learn to worship Him in trying circumstances.

6/9/11: Regarding the Anthony Wiener scandal, my dog wonders why people "in power" so often fail to realize that hot dogs generally end up on the BBQ, charcoal-broiled.

6/10/11: Roo croons to an old protest song, "Where have men of honor gone? Long time passing!"

6/14/11: My dog says it doesn't matter what others are doing; I am to follow Christ and Him Only.

6/16/11: Roo is asking about unity in Christ. Are we one -- or not? In Him -- or not? She doesn't understand denominations!

6/18/11: When trials come, Roobie say to "Remember the evidence of the past, how God even raised the iron ax head -- and Lazarus!" Amen

6/19/11: Roobie sees that Christ did not come to found a religion and wonders how we ended up back in the old temple.

6/20/11: Roobie sees the saints of God assembling by city (the saints of Ephesus, at Phillippi, etc.) -- not by sect!

6/21/11: She may be "only a dog," but Roo seeks to get -- with all her getting -- understanding from the Word of God.

6/22/11: Roobie reminds me that we are "living stones" who are set into Christ, being built into God's spiritual temple (2 Pet 4-5a).

6/23/11: Roobie is ten years old today -- a wizened old girl...


  1. Hi Whitney and TGIF!!!

    Roo helped me remember a tid bit from an email I received and here it is. Enjoy!!!

    Sarah Hinlicky, a Lutheran seminary student, describes her experience of seeking endorsement with her home synod, jumping through an extensive battery of psychological exams and interviews. Let's listen in:

    “We had been reviewing my interest survey. The nice lady and her assistant confronted me, in a very sweet and loving manner, with the fact that I had not rated counseling very highly on my interest list. (I began to squirm.) In fact, according to the test, I seemed to have almost no desire to help people at all. Did I realize, she whispered, that according to the statistics most pastors rate higher in interest in the helping professions? Isn't that why people go into the ministry? At last, I bit the bullet and said, 'I don't believe that I can help people.' Audible gasp. 'I believe that Jesus Christ can help people, and my job is to lead them to his healing.'”

  2. Awesome awesome awesome, Carl, and I could not agree more. In fact, I've been squirmy a lot lately, especially on Twitter where there's a "good cause" per minute and "my ministry" and stuff like that. After reading this wonderful comment, I know I am not alone in believing our job is to point to Him and pray. I agree with you -- let's give credit where credit is due. Thanks for the comment.

  3. Whitney, you are an original - pure and simple. Love it.

  4. This comment appeared right when I needed it. Thanks, Frances. Very much!