Thursday, April 28, 2011

Pet Theories

4/5/11: Roobie knows about GRAVITY even though it is invisible. Therefore, she does not attempt to fly. Wisdom!

4/6/11: It is Roobie’s view that the only thing to fear is Fear of Facing Facts.

4/7/11: My dog exemplifies complete contentment just being with me. I need to be a copy cat, having all I need in Christ because I do!

4/8/11: Roo is oblivious to the whirlwind in Washington, knowing she will soon be at the beach where she can run fast and far and free.

4/14/11: I liked Roo’s observation to Murphy the Cat yesterday -- her discovery of yet another oxymoron: GOVERNMENT SOLUTIONS!

4/15/11: For Roo, following the scent means first catching a whiff. Once that happens, she is really ON it -- a persevering truth seeker!

4/22/11: Roobie notes that "sons of the world" do not consult God in their plans; they do not realize that the arm of flesh is futile.

4/23/11: Roo says that fear of the LORD is the beginning of wisdom and she stands on the path, waiting for us and others. She whistles!

4/24/11: Roo is grateful for HIs Risen Life and a renewed commitment to pray for as many to be saved as WILL BE saved and hid in Christ.

4/25/11: Roobie prays for a friend stepping over "the comma of life" into Life Eternal, knowing that death is a BLESSING for Believers.

4/27/11: If there is one amazing thing our family has learned over the past year, it is that Christ did not come to found a religion.

4/28/11: Roo thinks the Fiery Furnace is intended to burn off the dross in us until we emerge with none of self, all of Christ. Wow.

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