Thursday, April 7, 2011

A Lily in the Field

One night I went to worship down the street. We sang and prayed for quite a long time, when a moment unfolded that was as real to me as this page is right now. I was standing there, singing to the Lord, when my arms started swaying in the breeze like I was a tree or something. I could actually hear breezes blowing – and chirping birds -- but it was night and I was inside a building! The Lord had shown me I’m like a flower in the field, swaying in worship and adoration of Him. A lily.


  1. Wonderful, whimsical sculpture...dancing in abandon and joy! No predictable, redundant lily picture for you!! Perfect!!!

  2. I call experiences like these "God Sendings" because, for me, they are forms of guidance from God, Recently, I learned that "a vision" to me is called "an hallucination" by someone else. Oh well. Either way, I admit it: I'm crazy about God.

  3. In His perfect timing,
    you were
    a Godsend
    to me.

  4. And He got us safe in His pasture -- and when I look at your paintings, He gets me leaping around all over the place all over again!