Thursday, March 24, 2011

Pet Theories

This fabulous photograph was taken by Mara Lavitt, who owns the dog with the blue collar (Roo’s pal, Schatzi, is holding the stick). This blog posting is Roobie’s third Pet Theories column. I think it’s funny that a dog can say so clearly things that we people can barely distill into a single paragraph. Roobie, who has an impressive set of incisors, has been finding Twitter helpful -- it’s making her quite incisive!

3/5/11: New dog, Pippin, will leap through slush and ice water to retrieve “the ball.” Are we Americans as determined to do the “hard things”?

3/9/11: Yesterday Schatzi barked this true saying: “You cannot sit on two horses with one ass.”

3/10/11: Roo replied to Schatzi (and to update Murphy the Cat), “Ah, but it IS possible for one horse to sit on two asses.”

3/14/11: It seems to Roobie that everything that can be shaken is being shaken.

3/16/11: I thought Roobie was babbling, but it’s only that she is muttering, “The Tower of Babel, the Tower of Babel” over and over again.

3/17/11: My DOG sees truth emerging from the tragedies in Japan -- that powerlessness can bring people to see the need for GOD.

3/19/11: What a tsunami of need, says Roo, looking from Japan to Libya to Wisconsin.

3/20/11: Roobie’s entire family is awed by the grace of the Japanese people even in the midst of such dire adversity.

3/22/11: Roobie points out that focusing on the cause of Christ is not the same as focusing on Christ Himself. She’s a good pointer!

3/21/11: The word from my dog today is, “Just do the next right thing, and then the next, and then the next…” I will obey.

3/22/11: My dog is reminding me that EGO means “Easing God Out” and that AA stands for “Attitude Adjustment.”

3/24/11: This morning’s question was, “Who’s in charge anyway?” To which Roobie replied, “Humans. Rudderless humans.”

3/25/11: Through my dog, Roobie, I have seen that God is able to use anything on earth to contend for Truth -- He can He will, and He is !!


  1. These are all so awesome. I haven't had much time to comment but I have enjoyed reading everything you write. You and Roobie always make me think and warm up my heart. I needed it tonight. A friend of Lauren's was shot and killed last night (the 23 year old in New Haven) and for obvious reasons it has her pretty shaken up. It is nice to be grounded to simple things and think about when we met and when the kids still lived at home where we could keep them safer. Love you!

  2. oh KTB I can't believe this news --when? where? I am so sorry! I cannot imagine the sorrow of such a loss, and I don't want to imagine it -- but I do pray that God will work it to good, as unlikely as that may appear to our natural eyes. Here's what He told me to tweet for Pet Theories today: "Roobie waits at the window, unbudgeable, as the Master approaches." I am home if ever a shoulder is needed. Meanwhile, sending unshakeable love and prayers to all who are suffering this tragedy.